Strategic Organizational and Conservation Consulting




"Caves, Commons & Conservation: Tips for Handling Specialty Easements" 

Magill Weber

Saving Land (a publication of Land Trust Alliance),

Winter 2015

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"Board Building: Inviting People with a Shared Vision"

Sara Wilson

Land Trust Alliance Field Guide

Summer 2013

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“Are the Red Flags Waving?”

Sara Wilson & Carol H. Mayes

Saving Land (a publication of Land Trust Alliance), Fall 2011

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“Key Elements of Effective Board Committees”

Sara Wilson & Carol H. Mayes

Saving Land (a publication of Land Trust Alliance),

Winter 2010

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Feel free to download these resources to share with your organization.



Communication Series Part 4:Managing Difficult    Conversations in the Workplace

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Communication Series Part 1: Difficult Conversations Made Easier

Needs Assessment for Board of Directors

Engaging Volunteers

The Dynamic Duo: The Board Chair / Executive Relationship



Managing Micromanagement

Expressing Appreciation for your Volunteers & Supporters

Friend-raising Tips

Maximize Opportunities to Thank Your Donors

Nonprofit Values and Ethics

Engaging Community

Build and Manage a Great Photo Library

Successful Written Board Communication

Succession Planning and Leadership Transition

Social Media for Nonprofits

Keep Your Conservation Deals on Track

Strategic to Annual Planning



Blue Avocado

Practical, provocative and fun food-for-thought for non-profits. Newsletters and educational resources.



Building the capacity of individuals serving on boards, board training, and resources for non-profits. Members have access to podcasts and policies for download.

Board Source

Providing educational resources for non-profit Board Directors throughout the US. Bookstore and many articles on the non-profit sector are available free. Additional resources for members.


Giving USA Foundation

Giving USA Foundation’s mission is to advance the research, education and public understanding of philanthropy. Its annual “Giving USA” publication contains data and trends on charitable giving; the quarterly newsletter covers topics related to philanthropy.



Your IRS 990 form is available here for the world to see. Organizations can post and update online donor profiles. Register to receive educational e-newsletters and view profiles of all US non-profits for free.


IRS Non-Profit Page

IRS Form 990 and 990-EZ, explanations of major changes, and detailed instructions are available for download.


Independent Sector

Check this site to find the national value of volunteer time. Independent Sector is a national leader on public policy issues essential to the non-profit sector.


Land Trust Alliance

Resources for land trusts including Standards and Practices curriculum, Pathways to Accreditation, legal resources, expert advice, forums and much more. The Learning Center, a resource for members only, contains valuable articles and sample policies.


Land Trust Accreditation Commission

An independent program of the Land Trust Alliance, the commission operates a land trust accreditation program to build and recognize strong land trusts, foster public confidence in land conservation and help ensure the long-term protection of land. Specific information for land trusts preparing for accreditation.


National Council of Nonprofit Associations

A network of state and regional non-profit associations in 41 states and the District of Columbia, the Council links local organizations to a national audience through state associations and helps small and midsize non-profits achieve greater impact in their communities.


Non Profit Law Center

Provides information on the law as it applies to non-profit organizations. Topics include tax-exempt status, charitable giving, and fundraising regulation.